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June6HitAndRun Survey of Possible Vehicles

June6HitAndRun Survey of Possible Vehicles

Created by TweetMap on 11/07/2012
Updated on 11/07/2012
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About this map: 

This map was created in regard to a Reddit post found here: www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/uu64d/while_cycling_i_was_a_victim_of_a_h... identifies vehicles which may match the description of the vehicle that hit June6HitAndRun. I've omitted obvious older vehicles as well as plow trucks and other visibly modified vehicles.I focused on the area between S. 88th Ave. and Governor's Highway because both of those roads provide alternative routes into Peotone. I then focused on the area best served by S. Harlem Ave., since the interstate forces traffic to move around it.In this case the best we can do is to make rational assumptions. The assumptions I had to make for this map were that the owner of the red pickup that hit June6HitAndRun owned the pickup in 2009 or earlier and that they live in the same area. It is only useful to generate paths towards identifying Ford Ranger and F-150 drivers who are likely to use the road on which June6HitAndRun was struck, not who struck.


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