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Juneau Icefield Research

Juneau Icefield Research

Created by Diane on 03/12/2010
Updated on 14/06/2012
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Juneau Icefield Research Program

The Juneau Icefield Research Program has long monitored the mass balance of the Lemon Creek and Taku Glacier on the Juneau Icefield. This program begun by Maynard Miller in 1946 and continuing through today has also monitored the terminus behavior of the icefields outlet glaciers. Here we compare Google Earth Images from 2005 to the USGS maps based on 1948 and 1964 aerial photographs to indicate the state of the glaciers on the Alaskan side of the icefield, and simply Google Earth Images on the Canadian side. Of the 17 glaciers discussed 5 have retreated more than 500 m since 1948, 11 more than 1000 m, and one glacier the Taku has advanced. The comparison of maps and images provides a unique chance to observe the changes of an entire icefield to climate changes. Click on and off the overlay of map to see the change from the current GE images.

Juneau Icefield Research Program Terminus Changes

By Mauri Pelto


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