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Kangen Map

Kangen Map

Created by TweetMap on 09/07/2012
Updated on 09/07/2012
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Midnight Commander
Red Alert
About this map: 

* This map is for Enagic distributors who are willing to share the water!* Please send your information, but first remove the numbers and titles:1. name2. address with zip code3. email address4. phone contact5. your Enagic ID # 6. terms of water sharing.* Must be properly formatted or email will be deleted.* I do my best to verify information, but let me know if you find information that has changed. Do not send attachments. Slamming is to illegally steal someone's customer and in Enagic you can have your distributorship revoked. It came from the 1970's when they broke up the Baby Bells and phone companies went crazy. It is against the federal law and it is against my moral laws.If Enagic Distributors convince your prospect to buy under them by telling them they are closer and can help them better, or some such brainwashing, that's slamming. In Enagic we are supposed to support each other, especially if you sign-up to water share!Thanks, LeilaLeilaLevi@LeilaLevi.com


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