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The LA Flood Project

The LA Flood Project

Created by TweetMap on 23/01/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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http://laflood.citychaos.comby LAinundacion“The LA Flood Project” is a locative media narrative that presents a simulated epic flood hitting the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles, covering over every neighborhood, every subsection, the rich behind gates and plate glass and the poor on the benches and street corners. And while everyone must share in the experience of the flood, the unwritten yet clearly encoded rules of the city, decide who can go where, who lives, and who dies. “The LA Flood Project” is a Rashomon-style multi-POV narrative experience that unfolds across LA, spilling over our cast of characters and the participants. The Flood dredges to the surface the unspoken laws and logic of the city. It reveals hidden boundaries even as it spills over them.“The LA Flood Project” transforms the city into an experiential narrative space, tying crisis histories to longitude and latitude, encouraging participants to experience the narrative in the geographic space


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