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The Lady & Men Rollers Second Line @NolaNet Dec. 30th Noon

The Lady & Men Rollers Second Line @NolaNet Dec. 30th Noon

Created by TweetMap on 30/12/2012
Updated on 30/12/2012
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Formation: Start at LeRoux on Louisiana & Carondolet. Up Louisiana to Magazine St. Turn right on Magazine to Reeses's Snowball (Magazine Street Deli) STOP. Turn right (floats & cars to stay on Aline) up Aline to Coliseum, left turn on Coliseum to Antonine. Right turn on Antonine. Right turn on Antonine, up Antonine to Mayfair Bar. STOP.(Steppers cross over neutral ground to the Mayfair Bar, floats & cars stay on Antonine). Up Antonine to St. Charles, right turn on St. Charles to Louisiana. Left on Louisiana to the Sandpiper. STOP. Up Louisiana to Freret, left turn on Freret to Gen. Taylor. Right turn on Gen. Taylor to Silky's on Gen. Taylor and Magnolia. STOP. Continue on General Taylor to Claiborne, right turn on Claiborne to Toledano. Left on Toledano to S. Dorgenious. Right turn on Washington to Fox's Bar. STOP. Up Washington to Derbigny to Taylor Park. STOP. Moment of Silence for Norris Gray.Continue up Washington to LaSalle to Men of Class. STOP.Continue up Washington


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