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Leaflet Distribution Team

Leaflet Distribution Team

Created by LDTeam on 02/11/2014
Updated on 02/11/2014
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Address: Ealing House, 33 Hanger Lane, London, W5 3HJ, United Kingdom

Phone: 0208 935 5753

Email: info@leafletdistributionteam.co.uk

Website: leafletdistributionteam.co.uk

Leaflet Distribution Team offer premium standard flyer distribution service at an affordable price. With our own in-house trainer staff, GPS tracking systems for up to the minute campaign management reporting, we are able to deliver your flyers with an accuracy of at least 98%. With our leaflet distribution service, you can take advantage of our state of the art target mapping system so you are able to get your message to the letterboxes of your most profitable customers and not worry about whether you're wasting your hard earned marketing budget on people that will not respond to your leaflet distribution campaigns. Get a FREE online quote in less than 30 seconds using our online quote system or if you'd like to know what it how successful your campaign will be, why not use our nifty Response Rate Calculator. Take advantage of our Try Before You Buy offer by test driving our flyer delivery service before you commit to a full campaign with anyone else and see how much more business we can get you.

Services: Leaflet Distribution Service, flyer distribution Service, flyer distributors, flyer distributors London, London flyer distribution, Leaflet Distribution Team in London

Work Days: Monday to Saturday : 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Payment Methods: Master Card , Credit Card , Paypal , Invoices , Visa Card


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