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Levi, Loewenstamm, Lyon: A European Rabbinical Family from Poland to England

Levi, Loewenstamm, Lyon: A European Rabbinical Family from Poland to England

Created by JohnnyFive on 02/05/2013
Updated on 02/05/2013
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From the 17th-19th century, the rabbinical family of the name Levi, Loewenstamm, and Lyon spread across Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, and England.This map illustrates the individual places where each family member was a rabbi, and the pathways that connected their movements from one community to the next.The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life in Berkeley, California holds the tefillin bag that was most likely gifted to Hirschel Lewin (embroidered in Hebrew on the bag: Zvi ben Arye Loeb) and his wife at their wedding (occurring sometime between 1736 and 1745) while at Yeshiva in Glogau, Poland. This was the starting off point into investigation of his larger European Rabbinical Family.The names are ordered by generation from: great grandfathers of Zvi ben Arye Loeb to his son and nephew.Created by Alexa Wiese as part of an Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Project directed by Francesco Spagnolo at The Magnes, UC Berkeley (Spring 2013).


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