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The life of Mark Twain

The life of Mark Twain

Created by Jan on 08/10/2011
Updated on 15/06/2012
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A step by step introduction to the vast travels of America's greatest writer. Due to the limitations of these sites, I will not include Hawaii, which he explored extensively as a young reporter. Some of the images are taken from a website I created at www.terryballard.org/literary/mtpilgrimages.html - Mark Twain pilgrimages . This will be a work in progress for some time, so if anyone has a better picture of any of these places, I'd be happy to mount them. Up until the 1895 world tour, I did not include every stop on his lecture tours. I am including the USA/Canadian section of that tour because it was a significant event in his life, and the placemarks paint a picture of the energy level of this 60 year old man. One thing I learned in putting this together is that if you Start with New Orleans and Atlanta, the cities of Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Hartford and Boston form a straight line.


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