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Locations hits within area deemed safe by IDF leaflets

Locations hits within area deemed safe by IDF leaflets

Created by TweetMap on 21/11/2012
Updated on 21/11/2012
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On Tuesday 20th November the IDF dropped leaflets with the following text urging people to move into safe areas - at least two locations in that zone were then hit overnight.Leaflet text (english translation)The first leaflet:To the residents of Sheikh Ajlin, Tel Al-Hwa, Rimal South, Zeitoun, Sjaiya, Turkeman and Sajiya Jadida: For your safety, you are required to evacuate your residences immediately and move towards the central Gaza city, via Al-Khara, Jma'at Al Dul Al Arabia, Al Aqsa Al Qudsiya, Um Alaimoun, Salah A-din, Al-Maqsurra, Hal's Mjdad. In the central Gaza city, you are required to stay between the areas of Salah A-din from the west, Amar Al-Muchtar from the north, Al-Nasser from the east and Al-Quds St. from the south. Israel Defense Forces. A second leaflet was also dropped urging residents of Shati, Al-Atatra, Beit Lahiya and Beit Hanoun to move into the central zone.


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