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The Log of Christopher Columbus: A Map of His First Voyage

The Log of Christopher Columbus: A Map of His First Voyage

Created by JohnnyFive on 22/10/2014
Updated on 22/10/2014
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Columbus Christopher (c. 1451 – 20 May 1506) A Genoese navigator, colonizer, and explorer, who in total had four transatlantic navigations, among which the most well-known voyage was the first discovery of the Carribean. This navigation lasted more than 7 months and was funded by Isabella I of Castile which then initiated the first rudiment of European Colonization of the "New World." The original aim of Columbus's navigation was to confirm that the earth was round. He supposed that there was a way to reach India and build contact between Spain and the new lands to collect gold and various materials. Furthermore, he was sent as a missionary to spread "conversion to our [Spain’s] Holy Faith." Clearly, one can see an ethnocentristic point of view since he and other prominent figures believed that any practice of faith other than Catholicism was wrong and therefore barbaric. Evidently, all this information combines to yield a controversial man in history.


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