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Marrakech - Dave's suggestions

Marrakech - Dave's suggestions

Created by TweetMap on 28/02/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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More than anything, follow your nose and have fun!A couple of general words of advice:I haven't labelled the souks on the map, as they're simply too large and sprawling. You can't miss 'em, but you might miss BITS of them. Go far, further than you might otherwise expect to. Go look around the back of the shops. Meet the people who MAKE things.If you're genuinely lost, approach a woman for help: they're less likely to scam you. Try not to throttle everyone who tells you the way to the 'big square'. At night, you might hear 'that way is closed'. It may be, (a small part of the souks gets closed at night) but it almost certainly isn't.If you see a guy selling macaroon-type cookies from a tray, stop him and buy a bagful. They're delicious. You should be able to get them for about 50cents each.Haggling is fun! Don't be afraid to walk out: you can always come back tomorrow.If anyone asks, this is your fifth visit to Morocco and you have been here for two weeks already!


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