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Missing 'except cycles' signs in the London Borough of Hackney

Missing 'except cycles' signs in the London Borough of Hackney

Created by JohnnyFive on 23/05/2013
Updated on 23/05/2013
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With so many streets in Hackney 'filtered' so that they can't be used as rat runs by through motor traffic, it's a pity if the signage fails to advertise that they're still open to cycle traffic.Even such a famously and successfully filtered area as De Beauvoir is missing several 'except cycles' signs. This not only means that we'renot publicising a great feature of our streets, but also makes navigation uncertain for people who are new to cycling in the area.The Hackney group of London Cycling Campaign is mapping missing 'except cycles' signs.For the purpose of this exercise we're not looking for suggestions of places where new exemptions should be created for cycle traffic, eg new'no entry except cycles' signs. (Hackney Council is working on a lot of these anyway).Rather, this is focused on a quick win, where we can give the council a list of locations and ask them to buy in a few dozen signs and send agang round with a cherry picker and spanner.


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