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Nascent Sexuality Map

Nascent Sexuality Map

Created by JohnnyFive on 18/04/2013
Updated on 18/04/2013
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About this map: 

On a recent drive through the neighborhood I grew up in I realized that most of the strong feelings that I had were a result of a nostalgia directly related to a more innocent feeling of women and my own sexuality that I had when growing up in Alexandria, VA. I wanted to do a photo project on this and take some images of the spots that gave me the most tingles. I decided to use Polaroid film because it's number one use is taking dirty pictures of people. My relationship with the film has also been a sleazy one as 95% of the pictures I have taken using the medium have been of naked girls. I though documenting my early sex life would be a perfect reason to use Polaroids to do something other than take naked pictures, yet to still play on the sexual identity of the medium. I decided only to include stories and images from directly around my old neighborhood. The map spots are listed in chronological order. For More inoformation and pictures: http://www.drivenbyboredom.com


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