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Neighbour Cats - The CAT MAP

Neighbour Cats - The CAT MAP

Created by TweetMap on 20/02/2013
Updated on 20/02/2013
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About this map: 

Neighbour Cats is a zine made by The Water Bear Appreciation Society. It's a submission driven zine designed to connect cat lovers in their love for cats they meet in public. And this is the CAT MAP. A place people can share their non-human neighbour friends on the internet. So please write, draw, make artwork, and upload photos of cats you meet that make an impression. Give them names and tell us about their personality. Eventually we're going to make a big compilation cat almanac or "catmanac" publication. Thanks for visiting! P.s. if you have an amazing neighbourhood dog, hedgehog, or tree that the map would be empty without, by all means let your creativity guide you!To add your cat friends click that little edit button above these words then click that little blue balloon and mark where the cat is seen. Then you can write aout him and upload pics/photos.http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Water-Bear-Appreciation-Society/380422248


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