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New South Wales Kiteboarding Association - Kitesurf Spots

New South Wales Kiteboarding Association - Kitesurf Spots

Created by TweetMap on 25/12/2012
Updated on 25/12/2012
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IF YOU KITE IN NSW YOU SHOULD JOIN NSWKBA (WWW.NSWKBA.COM.AU) - FOR ACCESS, INSURANCE AND SOCIALDisclaimer:Please be careful. Make sure you've taken the appopriate kite lesson. Even areas marked in Green may have hazzards, and could be very dangerous in the wrong wind conditions.Any comments here do not take precedence over the conditions on the day, local advice, common sense and your own assessment of the site conditions. Look after yourself and look out for others.Please kite responsibly, kite with buddies, chat to locals, watch out for obstructions, vessels and people. Kite within your limits, check the forecasts and choose safe locations. Kiting is a potentially dangerous sport and while NSWKBA promotes safe kiting, we can't be held responsible for any accidents. Remember wind conditions can change quickly. Please act responsibly, keep up a good name for kiting, be friendly and helpful and don't forget to have lots of fun!


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