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NYC Map of Awkward Social Interactions In Public Places

NYC Map of Awkward Social Interactions In Public Places

Created by JohnnyFive on 02/06/2014
Updated on 02/06/2014
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About this map: 

This collaborative map shows public sites in the New York area where awkward or traumatic social interactions have transpired. These include arguments with friends or strangers, break-ups, misunderstandings, emotional outbursts, and other problematic social interactions. The events marked have taken place in public spaces: streets, parks, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.Key: Blue = break-ups, Yellow= arguments/ encounters w/ strangers, Green = arguments w/ friends, Red = emotional outbursts, Pink = awkward/inappropriate physical encounters, Aqua = otherHOW TO EDIT THIS MAP: SIGN IN TO GOOGLE ACCOUNTS. Click the edit button in the upper right corner of this sidebar. Now, look for the icons appearing in the upper left corner of the map window. Click on the blue placemark icon to activate a placemark. You can drag and drop it around the map. Type in the pop-up window to add a description or title. Change the marker color by clicking on the icon in corner of pop-up window.


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