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NYC Perfect Math Tutoring

NYC Perfect Math Tutoring

Created by PerfectMath on 29/11/2014
Updated on 29/11/2014
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For many years, Ms. Bronstein have worked for an Engineering School of NYU, teaching mathematics, as well as for a private school geared towards gifted and talented children. Without delving into the various philosophies used in the teaching of math to students, I can simply say that any given topic in the school’s curriculum for which 12 or more school hours are allotted can be brilliantly and unforgettably presented by me in 20 minutes. To put it bluntly, I simply guarantee results to the people who earnestly follow my approach and my philosophies.

We are often led to believe that the process of learning math depends for the most part, if not entirely upon a student’s natural abilities. However, setting a performance bar based on the students with an aptitude for mathematics would be a mistake, as that would only show the upper echelon of performance. Instead, my methods work for all kinds of students, even those with no aptitude for mathematics, who nevertheless later demonstrate excellent academic progress. None of my methods are in any way unusual or extraordinary. Their brilliance lies in the fact that they are simple enough to fit a great spectrum of students, and with a few tweaks in each individual case become tailor made for that particular student’s needs. My teaching allows students to grow academically, becoming more inquisitive, active, and developing confidence in their ability to learn.

What do students and their parents really expect from the tutor? The list of desired qualities could be endless, but the first quality should be confidence; confidence in that this particular tutor’s ability to finally help the student and not turn out to be a waste of time, money, and energy. I believe that within my teaching philosophy I have a general remedy for success and will never let a particular student down. This can be your chance to finally sit back and know that your child is in good hands and on the path to success. Ready To Start Learning Math? Contact Ms. Bronstein. at (347) 568-1256


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