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Oahu Extraction

Oahu Extraction

Created by oahuextraction on 13/03/2015
Updated on 13/03/2015
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Oahu Extraction

2357 Anini Place
Pearl City, HI 96782, United States


24 Hours

As a Hawaiian resident, you know all too well the dangers of flood damage
from tropical storms, hurricanes, and tidal surges. When living on an island, even the most inland residents can expect to experience flooding from heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, this could leave your home or business damaged
and in desperate need of repair, which is where the experts ofOahu Extraction come in! They specialize in caring for your property after a
serious flood by taking care of mold remediation, water damage, carpet drying, structural drying, and more.In order to prevent structural damage and mold after a serious flood, you need to act quickly.Available 24 hours a day, all year long, the team at Oahu Extraction will quickly restore your property to its former integrity and comfort. Infrared spectroscopy testing, high-intensity
dryers and vacuums, and sewage clean-up allow these technicians to quickly begin
and complete your properties flood damage restoration.Oahu Extraction also offers drying
equipment rentals, allowing you to prepare your property for
a potential flood emergency. Vacuums, pumps, and fans are all available for
rental, giving you the tools you need to
prevent serious damage.Flood damage is a serious threat that plagues all
Hawaiian residents, but with the flood emergency experts of Oahu Extraction, you can easily protect
your home or business. Call (808)
330-6212 before the next tropical storm or flood emergency hits.


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