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Occupy Gezi

Occupy Gezi

Created by JohnnyFive on 03/06/2013
Updated on 03/06/2013
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From BBC News (http://bbc.in/17gXr2a)"Protests over the demolition of Gezi Park to make way for the rebuilding of an Ottoman era barracks, reportedly to house a shopping centre, began on a small scale earlier this week.Protesters said the park was one of the few green spaces in Istanbul, and were angry at the loss of public space for commercial purposes.But after police used tear gas and water cannon were used to break up the protests, triggering accusations of excessive force, the numbers in Taksim Square, next to the park, rocketed.Ten of thousands of people took to the streets of towns and cities, many calling on the government to resign.Police pulled out on Saturday afternoon, reportedly after President Abdullah Gul urged restraint, and by Sunday there was a carnival atmosphere.But clashes continued, including in the Besiktas district, where police fired tear gas against protesters, some of whom built barricades or threw stones at Mr Erdogan's Istanbul office."


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