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Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness

Created by orangetheory on 18/02/2015
Updated on 18/02/2015
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Orangetheory Fitness

8121 Wedgewood Lane North
Maple Grove, MN 55369, United States

Intensify your workout and start seeing results today! With 60-minute workout sessions, split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training,Orangetheory Fitness is the most intense and effective workout facility within the Maple
Grove, Minnesota area. Using the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption
(EPOC), the fitness classes take advantage of a heart rate monitored training that
keeps your heart rate in a target zone while giving you the result of the "Orange
Effect."Their philosophy is simple: it’s all about energy. Not only
will you need energy to get the physical results that you’re looking for, but
the workout session will also continue to energize your mind and body even
after you’re finished. Separated into three main components – indoor rowing,
treadmill training and weight training blocks – the group fitness classes are led
by qualified and motivational personal trainers. Helping you to gain motivation,
endurance, support and accountability, the professional experts will guide you
to achieve your target points of improvement. More importantly, working out with a group makes your
exercise experience fun and effective. As a member, you’ll get the chance to
motivate other class members while experiencing a range of well-rounded
movements and making weight loss plateaus a thing of the past!Visit Orangetheory Fitness and get the camaraderie and
support needed to succeed from group fitness sessions. The "Orange Effect" will
be sure to introduce you to a new version of yourself that you didn’t think
you’d be able to reach. For more information on class sessions, memberships and
more visit Orangetheory Fitnessonline or call (763) 657-1313.


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