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Orangetheory Fitness - Highlands

Orangetheory Fitness - Highlands

Created by ryfitness5 on 12/02/2015
Updated on 12/02/2015
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Orangetheory Fitness - Highlands

3300 W 32nd Avenue Suite 101
Denver, CO 80211, United States

Timing: Mon-Fri 5am-9pm ,Sat 7am-7:15pm ,Sun 7:30am-7:15pm

Orangetheory Fitness provides an energized group fitness program that is quickly
sweeping the nation. In just one hour, you'll burn up to 1,000 calories while
increasing both your metabolism and energy. The name “Orangetheory” comes from
the “orange” or anaerobic heart rate zone that is seen during intense training.
During your workout, your heart rate will be monitored and kept in this target
zone, allowing you to enjoy results such as weight loss and a more toned body
almost immediately.The fitness center has been featured in The New York Times as an effective plateau-busting workout. The
fitness classes run by experienced personal trainers are broken down into three
parts: a treadmill running interval, an indoor rowing session, and resistance
training with weights.Based on science, the workout is specifically designed
to help you lose weight fast, which makes it useful for everyone. The only
requirement is that you must be 16 years of age or older in order to
participate. Whether you’re a power walker or an elite performance athlete, you’ll
benefit from the interval training at Orangetheory’s fitness classes.Your first 60-minute workout at Orangetherory is
complimentary, but the fitness center requests that you arrive 30 minutes prior
to its start time in order for the personal trainers to properly educate and
prepare you for the most efficient workout you’ll ever experience.Weight loss is the common goal during the sessions, and
if you attend three to five sessions a week and practice proper nutritional
planning, you’ll lose three to five pounds a week. If you want to increase your
athletic performance, you’ll notice an increase in strength, speed and power
after attending two to four sessions a week for two weeks. No matter what your
fitness goals may be, you’ll get quick results at Orangetheory Fitness. Visit the website for more information on the
workout and its benefits.


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