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Pacific Biodiesel

Pacific Biodiesel

Created by orangetheory on 18/02/2015
Updated on 18/02/2015
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Pacific Biodiesel

16-240 Mikahala Street
Kea’au, HI 96749, United States

Pacific Biodiesel Logistics leads Hawaii in producing high quality, biodiesel fuel. With decades of experience, state of the art processing plants that utilize cutting edge water-free processing technology, and waste recycling collection that yields quality biodiesel fuels, Pacific Biodiesel Logistics represents a gold standard in the recycling and fuel production industry.Pacific Biodiesel Logistics produces and sells quality fuels. We also design, build, and support biodiesel plants. We create self-sustaining energy resources for local economies and their communities. We provide consumers, plant owners, investors, and community representatives with quality biodiesel, process technology, equipment, engineering, and quality management advice. We recently implemented a new technology that allows us to take the waste from fry traps and grease traps generally used by restaurants and other food based establishments, and convert that into our quality biodiesel fuel. We specialize in used cooking oil and grease trap waste recycling. That means we use cooking oil recycling, vegetable oil recycling, and grease recycling to create environmentally friendly biodiesel fuel. We also offer FREE pickups for restaurant waste. Our environmentally friendly biodiesel plants have various locations across the Hawaii, including Keaau and Kahului. We specialize in waste recycling in Hawaii. There are a lot of environmental reasons to choose Pacific Biodiesel Logistics for your waste collection and recycling, but we also offer outstanding and flexible customer service!We also work with Restaurants For Renewables, a community based recycling program that turned used cooking oil and grease into clean, renewable energy. For more information check out our video below and visit our website to learn all about our recycling.


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