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Pain Care Clinic of Idaho

Pain Care Clinic of Idaho

Created by paincareclinicofidaho on 04/05/2015
Updated on 04/05/2015
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Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, P.C. is a medical clinic introducing new and revolutionary advanced solutions for neuropathic pain. Calmare Pain Therapy is about “No More Pain.” It is one of the most effective pain treatment therapies our clinic provides for neuropathic pain. It is a non-invasive, non-narcotic, life changing pain treatment therapy. Pain Care Clinic of Idaho specializes in treating chronic pain including CRPS, RSD, MS, chemotherapy induced nerve pain, diabetic neuropathies, phantom limb pain, post herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, failed back, post-surgical pain and persistent pain from sports injuries.

Pain Care Clinic of Idaho also offers Medical Acupuncture as an alternative therapy for acute and chronic pain and chronic conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, Parkinson’s, restless legs, Bell’s Palsy, addictions, headaches, menopause, nausea from multiple causes, chronic inflammatory conditions, sinus congestion, tendinitis, fasciitis and gastrointestinal conditions.

Other therapies offered at our clinic are trigger point injections, cold laser therapy, EMS, PENS, yoga and meditation, and traditional nerve blocks.

At the Pain Care Clinic of Idaho we are dedicated to providing a treatment plan for “No More Pain” and effective alternative therapies for chronic conditions and acute and chronic pain. We value and respect our patients, their input and their choices.

If applicable, Pain Care Clinic of Idaho upon initial consultation offers a complimentary diagnostic first treatment of Calmare Therapy. All medical evaluations are confidential and adhere to HIPPA regulations.

Those interested in learning more about this medical clinic and the treatments provided can do so by visiting the clinic’s website at: http://paincareclinicofidaho.com

Business Phone: (208) 939-3750
Address: 742 E State St Ste 150, Eagle, ID 83616
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm

Service or Product:
In addition to providing Calmare Pain Therapy Edmund Boese M.D. D.A.B.A., D.A.B.M.A. Pain Care Clinic of Idaho also offers Medical Acupuncture for both chronic pain and chronic conditions. Other therapies offered for pain management include trigger point injections, cold laser therapy, IMS, PENS, microsystems therapies, scar treatments, detoxification, diode rings and diode chain therapy, yoga and meditation, electrical stimulation and traditional nerve blocks.


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