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Created by papatzul8 on 12/02/2015
Updated on 12/02/2015
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55 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013, United States

Timing: Sun -Wed 12pm-11pm Thu-Sat 12pm-2am

Debuting late in the fall of 2006, Papatzul – Mayan for “Food of the Lords” – opened its doors in SoHo with hopes of redefining the Mexican dining experience. Papatzul boasts an impressive menu featuring authentic Mexican fare with a modern twist. Executive Chef Thierry Amezcua and his wife and co-owner Debby Amezcua had always dreamed of opening their restaurant together and Papatzul allowed that dream to become a realityA native of Mexico City, Thierry naturally decided to draw upon his cultural background and influence as a child growing up in Coyoacan, a small town located in Mexico City. Papatzul´s ambiance is warm and gently urges to journey into all that Mexico City has to offer. The fragrant aromas of traditional Mexican spices fill the air, original artwork featuring various scenes from in and around Mexico hang amongst the dining room walls which were commissioned by Thierry´s brother, artist Remy Amezcua.Also featured along the dining room walls, guests will notice the presence of three commanding candle lit iron trees of life, which were the very same symbols used in Thierry´s home as a child growing up and were custom ordered special for Papatzul by an artist in Mexico City. At Papatzul, you truly become submerged into a world allows you to embrace the beauty of Mexico City.As for the menu, many of the dishes prepared at Papatzul are built around the use of chilies. Signature dishes place an emphasis on native recipes, but evokes modern twists. Even the guacamole at Papatzul holds true to its Mexican roots – that means no garlic, but plenty of lime juice, for tartness, cilantro and jalapeñosPapatzul also features a colorful, lively bar, serving excellent margaritas and sangria, and more than 40 different types of tequila.


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