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Part 2 of Interactive Map of the Civil War: Divide & Conquer (1863-1865)

Part 2 of Interactive Map of the Civil War: Divide & Conquer (1863-1865)

Created by JohnnyFive on 08/04/2014
Updated on 08/04/2014
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About this map: 

In this 2-part documentary, in the form of a Google Map, you can zoom in on the actual Civil War battlefields listed on Wikipedia's List of Civil War Battles, as well as those battles mentioned in the book that the PBS series The Civil War was based on. So if you are confused by the order of the battles when presented as campaigns, like in Ken Burns' book, and have a hard time envisioning the topology, this interactive map makes it easy to follow over 380 battles by the date they occurred, is color-coded by year since many of the battles occurred at the same location in different years, and enables you to see how the terrain affected the battle. Each battle has a link to a Wikipedia, or other online background information, and some locations have links to battle animations on CivilWarAnimated.com. In addition, each map provides an associated Google Earth KML file that enables you to digitally walk each battlefield.


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