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Pet Adoption Highway

Pet Adoption Highway

Created by TweetMap on 11/02/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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About this map: 

Consider joining the Pet Adoption Highway. The purpose of this map is to make connections for those who are transferring pets to foster/adoptive homes and rescues. If you think at one time or another you'd be able to transport animals, please send an email to: addition@petadoptionhighway.org with your Name, City, State, Radius in miles that you would be willing to travel, Email Address. Include any other contact or availability info that you don't mind being public. We'll post your location on this Map promptly. (cont... on Page 2) Please check back to verify the information is correct-- email any changes to edit@petadoptionhighway.org.FOSTERING:Many times during transports, a foster home is needed. If you'd be willing to foster, be sure to include all of that information as well.DISCLAIMER:The Pet Adoption Highway is a public contact resource and those who use this information are responsible for investigating the group or individuals they choose to work with


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