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The price of progress: One state's toxic legacy.

The price of progress: One state's toxic legacy.

Created by JohnnyFive on 22/11/2013
Updated on 22/11/2013
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This documentary, in the form of a Google Map, tracks the toxic Superfund history of one of the 13 original colonies on its path to becoming the 7th leading U.S. state in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). What this map does is match up specific Superfund site locations with the rates for cancer and Autism. New Jersey, known as "The Garden State," at only 8,729 sq. miles is the 11th most populated state in the union, has the largest volume of Superfund sites in the nation, and ranks high in cancer and Autism rates. It is also known for its yearly flooding that spreads the pollutants down river. Yet, the federal Superfund has been bankrupt since 2001 leaving many of these cleanup projects incomplete or barely started. Then hit with the devastating affects of the 2008 fiscal collapse,and the 2013 budget sequestration as a result of many years of political obstructionism in Washington.


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