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Primary Care Plus

Primary Care Plus

Created by primarycare5 on 12/06/2014
Updated on 12/06/2014
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Primary Care Plus

120 Meadowcrest Street, Suite 120
Gretna, LA 70056, United States



At Primary Care Plus, our one-stop approach to care gives you easy access to primary and specialty medical treatment. Although your primary care doctor is readily available, you may need to see a specialist for a certain condition or to treat a specific part of your body. At Primary Care Plus, our team brings specialty care to you. And all of our doctors collaborate firsthand to make sure your individual healthcare needs are met. Primary Care Plus uses a state-of-the-art electronic medical record (EMR) to keep all of your health information secure, up-to-date and instantly accessible by your healthcare team. This essential tool is used to coordinate your care, quickly transfer information and ensure that everyone who treats you understands your unique healthcare profile. Primary Care Plus doctors see about half the patients of a typical primary care doctor. This allows your doctor more time at every appointment to get to know you and your family… to understand your unique health goals… and to provide effective and highly personalized healthcare at all times. At Primary Care Plus, you’ll receive effective treatment for illness and injury, plus care that’s designed to help you avoid additional health issues. We keep you informed about what you can do to help maintain your health, including taking your medications as prescribed, making regular appointments with your doctor, staying active and eating right. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you be well and enjoy life to the fullest.


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