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Record shops in Athens

Record shops in Athens

Created by JohnnyFive on 29/03/2013
Updated on 29/03/2013
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If you are visiting Athens you will definitely want to stroll around Monastiraki area. It's right in the middle of everything, just under the Acropolis, where all the "souvlaki" shops are. The easiest way to go is to get the Metro (Monastiraki station). As you step out of the Metro's main entrance, on your left you get Ifaistou St., a pedestrian road which serves as an entrance to the Athens flea-market. Here there's lots of shops full of clothes and souvenirs and whatever. I warn you that most of it is not bargains anymore (it used to be so some two decades ago) but still it's great to hang around. Record junkies will not be disappointed also. In a 2 min walk you get at least 8 record stores (!), full of new+used stuff suitable for afficionados of all genres/styles. Ah, most of these will buy any old record you have, but the price won't be great, I assure you.


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