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Renewable Electricity: Investment and Jobs

Renewable Electricity: Investment and Jobs

Created by JohnnyFive on 23/04/2014
Updated on 23/04/2014
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By 2020 renewable electricity could support up to 200,000 jobs across the UK (see note 1) and help to deliver a diverse, low-carbon and secure energy mix.Since 2010, DECC has recorded announcements of over £34 billion worth of private sector investment in renewable electricity. This has the potential to support almost 37,000 jobs across the UK.Between November and February 2014, announced investments grew by approximately £2.8 billion overall. This alone has the potential to support over 1,500 jobs.Notes: 1. DECC estimate based on‘Renewable energy: Made in Britain’, April 2012 (REA)2. In the examples given, to prevent possible double counting; supply chain announcements are not included in the overall investment and jobs figures.3. DECC’s research is not a definitive list of activity in the renewables market. Figures relate to projects with a generation capacity of over 20 MW for which public announcements have been made about investment and jobs.


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