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Riyadh Ingress Players - Portal Contribution

Riyadh Ingress Players - Portal Contribution

Created by TweetMap on 05/01/2013
Updated on 05/01/2013
Public map
Cycle map
Midnight Commander
Red Alert
About this map: 

===READ THIS FIRST===**If you are listed as a collaborator, click the red EDIT button above to start pinning down locations.**This map aims to keep track of all the places submitted as portals on Ingress. Please keep it honest and as accurate as possible. good luck gang :)===RULES TO BE FOLLOWED===1. DO NOT move or delete any of the exsisting pins.2. Pin only the places you already took a photo of and submitted to the ingress via the share button. do not pin location you are planning to cover.3. Pin the location of where were you standing when taking the picture, not the location of the building/sculpture.4. Each pin to carry in its title the name of that building/sculpture=====Advice: to follow your own area coverage, change the pin icon to something of your preferance.The idea of this is to follow how much we have covered in Riyadh. Please take few hours to contribute to the game. :)Happy sightseeing :P


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