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Rock N Roll Vapes

Rock N Roll Vapes

Created by billcase586 on 06/12/2013
Updated on 06/12/2013
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Rock N Roll Vapes

4388 W Green Oaks Suite 103
Arlington, TX 76016, United States


Rock n Roll Vapes started with a Dallas/Ft. Worth musician and his wife who found a cost effective way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes without actually having to give up their habit. They bought their electronic cigarettes and were so sold on them within just a few weeks that they decided to start selling them. Neither have had a traditional cigarette since purchasing e-cigs. Why electronic cigarettes? With e-cigarettes, you are bypassing about 4,000 harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. There is no unpleasant odor or staining. What you are actually inhaling and exhaling with the eLiquid is water vapor. You can feed your habit indoors and around others who don't like the effects of secondhand smoke. Because there is no combustion, there is no fire hazard. There is no ash, thus no ash trays. E-cigs are an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes for those that want to quit smoking but don't want to give up their habit. What is eLiquid? eLiquid is a mixture of propylene glycol (found in asthma inhalers, nebulizers, fog machines, and food products, just to name a few), vegetable glycerin, flavoring and nicotine. We have hundreds of flavor combinations and the nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin levels are fully adjustable to meet the needs of each vaper. Many vapers gradually step down their nicotine level over time, eventually getting to zero nicotine. To this day we have found no studies that indicate any health risk at all is posed by inhaling eLiquid vapor. We are proud to offer all natural American ingredients in our eLiquid and all flavors are custom made and made to order. So if there's something you're looking for and don't see it on our website, contact us and we'll get it done.


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