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Ross Island bike access

Ross Island bike access

Created by TweetMap on 01/02/2013
Updated on 01/02/2013
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The boys started a new school in January, which is located in southwest, so we've had to explore the bike commute options.I've found that the ride from Sellwood to Lair Hill is far easier (read; less ups and downs) if I ride through Brooklyn then cross the Ross Island Bridge. HOWEVER, getting off the Ross Island Bridge is a daunting adventure. For starters, I ride the sidewalk (today was the first day ever when there was someone coming in the opposite direction), so I stay on the sidewalk on the exit ramp that allows drivers to stay on 26 or curl back under the bridge to stay on 43.About a quarter of the way down the ramp is an ADA ramp - without a crosswalk. I roll the bike down this ramp and either wait for someone to stop (preferable) or wait until there's a break in traffic. I then bolt out into the island of sorts (it's only painted as such), then repeat as I attempt to cross 26.There's a super simple solution to all this craziness: A signal!


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