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Shivanauts Untie!

Shivanauts Untie!

Created by TweetMap on 24/01/2012
Updated on 14/06/2012
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About this map: 

A map to help practitioners & teachers of Dance of Shiva/Shiva Nata find each other.To add yourself to the map:1. Use the search box & find your location.2. On the marker that appears on the map, choose ’Save to … My Maps‘.3. Select .4. A yellow highlighted alert will appear saying your location has been added to the map & offers the option to “View Map.” Click YES.5. Click EDIT at the top of THIS column of instrux.6. Click the marker you added to YOUR location on the Map.7. Change the title for the marker to [your name ( city/state/province)], & add some information about yourself in the text box (next to the image if you want or just delete the image and type in whatever.)8. Click OK on YOUR info box on the map to save these changes to the marker.9. Click Done on the button at the top of this info column to save your changes.If you run into glitches, email kalyani@kalinata.net


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