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"Shut Up and Write sessions" (Created

"Shut Up and Write sessions" (Created

Created by TweetMap on 12/01/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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Do you need a collegial and productive boost for your writing? If you can set aside one regular hour a week, a ‘shut up and write’ session might be just what you need. What is ‘shut up and write’? It’s a regular get-together at a café (or similar) where you prioritise writing over everything else (e.g. no checking email, no taking phone calls, no admin). Participants in our university writing sessions include academics, professional staff, students, and others. What do you have to do? 1. TURN UP. Anecdotally, those who have attended a few sessions have been enthusiastic about the format, and found their research writing stimulated and accelerated by them. 2. HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANT TO WRITE. After brief greetings, everyone settles in to write intensively for a couple of 25-minute sessions (with a 10-15 minute break in between). People work on different types of writing: articles, grant applications, blog posts, and theses. It can be any piece of writing.


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