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Standing at the bar: self-guided tapas tours for barhoppers. The "not-to-be

Standing at the bar: self-guided tapas tours for barhoppers. The "not-to-be

Created by JohnnyFive on 10/05/2014
Updated on 10/05/2014
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* A tapa is a small dish of food to be shared. There are also large tapas for 3-4 people sharing called 'raciones'. Some classic bars still generously serve a free nibble (aperitivo) with each new drink order.* The popular times for having tapas are between 1 and 2.30pm and before the evening meal, after 8 in the evening. Children are freely admitted in all types of bars.* The traditional way to have tapas is standing at the bar. The idea behind a "tapas hop" is to eat a little and move on to the next bar… a gastronomic bar crawl!* The locals usually do approximately three bars having one --or at the most two different tapas-- in each establishment.* Madridians wash down their tapas with a 'caña' (glass of beer), wine by the glass or 'vermut de grifo' (vermouth on tap). Children can have Coke, Fanta or 'mosto' (non-alcoholic sweet juice of grapes).* Tipping is not mandatory. Nevertheless, many people leave some small change: up to 1 Euro. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE TOURS


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