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Stefani Chaney's Map of Chapter Four in "From Hell"

Stefani Chaney's Map of Chapter Four in "From Hell"

Created by JohnnyFive on 08/01/2014
Updated on 08/01/2014
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About this map: 

This is a map that covers all the locations mentioned in chapter four of Alan Moore's graphic novel "From Hell." This map will hopefully show the different layers and viewpoints that London has to offer. Dr. Gull's perspective and his association with the Freemasons influences how he sees London. His extensive knowledge of London's history comes into play as he orders his driver, Netley, around many of London's historic spots. Their route is very tedious but it ultimately reveal a hidden aspect of London.The red markers and lines pinpoint the streets that Dr. Gull ordered Netley to take as they drove around in a carriage. The yellow pushpins mark the key locations that Dr. Gull marked on his map and are the locations that Netley would later on outline at the end of the chapter to reveal a pentagram. The pentagram is outlined in yellow.The green markers highlight residences. The purple markers highlight places that Dr. Gull and Netley viewed from a distance as they drove around London


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