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Stop the Violence Against Ethiopians in the Middle East

Stop the Violence Against Ethiopians in the Middle East

Created by JohnnyFive on 05/12/2013
Updated on 05/12/2013
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The violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia has now approaching the scale of genocide. People are dying everywhere and young people are commuting suicide. It is now difficult for many to sit on the side and watch. It is difficult even to share images of horror. Following our facebook activity we are now gearing up for world wide peaceful protest. This map documents the activities of the protests in cities around the world. The purpose of the protest is to encourage decision makers to end the suffering and to begin peaceful return of Ethiopians to their homeland. We also use this map and resources to bring awareness of the situation and educate any one who plans travel to Saudi Arabia. We can communicate our concerns with the proper authorities, community leaders and also request hearings in countries where rule of law and human rights are respected. This is also an opportunity for Ethiopians to express their emotions collectively by sharing information and by acting collectively.


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