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Submarine Cable Map

Submarine Cable Map

Created by sisco on 16/03/2011
Updated on 15/06/2012
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About this map: 

SOURCE: TeleGeography
TeleGeography’s popular Submarine Cable Map has been fully updated for 2011. The latest edition of our map depicts 121 of the world’s major submarine cable systems and 25 planned systems that are due to enter service by 2013.
Insets provide detailed information about submarine cable landing sites in critical regions including New York/New Jersey, Southern Florida, Cornwall, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Information graphics and tables present a wealth of data about cable networks and the state of the submarine cable industry. The 2011 Submarine Cable Map includes the following tables and graphics:
Map of global lit submarine cable capacity
A comparison of the lit capacity of the world’s active cable systems
Regional household broadband penetration (2003-2010)
Lit submarine cable capacity (1999-2010)
Lit vs. potential capacity on major submarine cable routes
Median monthly 10 Gbps wavelength lease prices on key routes (2007-2010)
Comparison of monthly STM-1 lease prices on key international routes
Submarine cable construction costs, 1998-2012
Cable construction cost by region, 1998-2012
Analysis of trans-Atlantic submarine cable latency


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