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Tarlov Cyst Disease International: Patient Map

Tarlov Cyst Disease International: Patient Map

Created by JohnnyFive on 08/01/2014
Updated on 08/01/2014
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HAVE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH TARLOV CYST DISEASE? If so we invite you to join us in our efforts in raising awareness of this life altering diagnosis.In recent years Tarlov Cyst Disease (TC) patients have connected on an International level allowing access to newly discovered information and research Tarlov Cyst Disease has no respect for borders, language, gender or age. This disease reaches into all corners of our world leaving a path of destruction is it's wake. HOW DO YOU ADD YOUR NAME TO THE MAP? Email your information to; tarlov.canada@gmail.com Please include your; Name (first, last, or initials), gender, age, location (City,State, Province, Country) along with a short description of your Tarlov Cyst Journey. THIS IS A PUBLIC MAP! Only share what you feel comfortable sharing!We look forward to having your story added to our growing list. We may be rare, but we're not incidental!


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