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Tesla Highway

Tesla Highway

Created by JohnnyFive on 23/03/2013
Updated on 23/03/2013
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About this map: 

Tesla charging stations along the West coast. For Tesla charging stations in Canada (Sun Country Highway has a whole mess of 70A chargers!), see https://suncountryhighway.ca/ev-trip-planner.The blue flags are 240V ~70A chargers. A few have Tesla Model S connectors, some have Tesla Roadster connectors, some have J1772 connectors. If you have a Roadster, you need a $650 J adapter for the J1772 stations, and you are out of luck on the Model S stations. If you have a Model S, you need a $650 HPC adapter for the Roadster connectors - too bad Tesla never seems to have them in stock. A J1772 adapter comes with the Model S.The yellow flags are 32-48A chargers, or campgrounds with 14-50 outlets that require a UMC or RFMC. If you are just passing through you will want to avoid these if you can; but they are good for destinations or to get to places that you couldn't otherwise.The red flags are 90kW Superchargers for the Tesla Model S only.


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