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Toronto Election Reform

Toronto Election Reform

Created by JohnnyFive on 25/04/2014
Updated on 25/04/2014
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First: allow municipal political parties; currently they are banned in Ontario due to the election law. Bringing them in would be helpful as they would ensure their members stay in line. They could, for example, control a rouge mayor, or rein in a local councillor who is attempting pork barrel politics.Each of Toronto's 25 ridings would elect one Councillor.Each of these 4 new megawards would elect 3 councillors based on STVThis would allow for better balance given the new parties; to ensure the top two or top few parties get seats.One city-wide megaward would elect 3 councillors based on STV. The winner of this race would also become Mayor.The result of this would be that the two runners up for Mayor get seats; and thus can act as an "opposition" leader; though no such position would be created. It would have the result of encouraging people who care about Toronto to run, as if they lose they would be unable to just run off and go back into private enterprise.


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