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Total Comfort NWI

Total Comfort NWI

Created by PeterKatschke on 07/04/2014
Updated on 07/04/2014
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Whether you need a simple cleaning or a new heating and cooling system to provide comfort in your home, Total Comfort NWI is your local professional. I often hear people say it’s not personal, it’s business. Well, business is personal. I started Total Comfort NWI on March 31, 2010, in the worst economy of many of our lifetimes. I knew there would always be a market for better furnace and air conditioning service. Thankfully I was right: we have grown slowly in spite of the recession. Today we are blessed to have the best customers we could ask for. I promise to our customers: No service call fee with any paid repair. We will provide a full diagnosis and provide you with repair options. Our goal is to provide you with choices so YOU can decide what is best for your home and comfort. I have worked for other local companies in the past and it feels great to have the personal satisfaction generated by the way we do things. To know we actually helped people and didn’t just do what was profitable. I believe business can be so much more. I love taking my little girl to your house to trick-or-treat, and being invited to your child’s graduation open house. It is personal because it is MY business. Which would you prefer? I hope God blesses you as he has embraced me! Peter Katschke – Owner


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