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The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears

Created by Sean on 16/11/2010
Updated on 15/06/2012
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SOURCE: www.supportblogging.com

The Trail of Tears was a devastating journey that included seven Indian tribes, but was mainly comprised of Cherokee and Seminole Indians. The Indians journey started on July 6th, 1838 and ended on March 26th 1839. Everything began when gold was discovered on Indian Territory and all Indian tribes were forced to move to Oklahoma. To the settlers it was a dream of expanding new horizons, new riches and a better life; but to the Indians it was a complete nightmare. Their journey was sixteen hundred kilometers and lasted five years. One day the Indians began to pray for a sign that their God would give the grieving mothers strength to continue on to Oklahoma. Their God told them the next day there would be a rose on each and every spot where a tear had fallen and this would be their sign to keep moving even though so many of their people had died. About 4000 men, women, and children died on the Trail of Tears. Now I would like you to join me on this journey to appreciate the pain and suffering of the Indian tribes. The Cherokee Traveler’s greeting: I will draw thorns from your feet. We will walk the White Path of Life together. Like a brother of my own blood, I will love you. I will wipe tears from your eyes. When you are sad, I will put your aching heart to rest.


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