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TVA Big Day 5 May 2013

TVA Big Day 5 May 2013

Created by JohnnyFive on 04/05/2013
Updated on 04/05/2013
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About this map: 

This map details the spots that we will visit during our big day. I have put together a schedule of stops up through about 6:30PM. By that point in the day, our remaining potential additions will be few, so I am leaving the final two hours of light open. We might need to go into Forest Grove to get Acorn Woodpecker on the Pacific University campus. We could also head out toward Hagg Lake, where we could pick up some birds around the dam (i.e Y-B Chat) and then maybe head up into the hills to clean up missing songbirds, N. Pygmy-Owl, Mountain Quail. etc. Another option will be to cruise the country roads out towards Laurelwood if we still need Western Meadowlark, Western Bluebird, Am. Kestrel or something along those lines. Depending the remaining enthusiasm of the kids, we could do some more owling late.


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