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The Unreal City Walking Tour: T.S. Eliot's London

The Unreal City Walking Tour: T.S. Eliot's London

Created by TweetMap on 12/07/2012
Updated on 12/07/2012
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T.S. Eliot is a poet of place, and modernist displacement. His landmark poem, The Waste Land, is rife with still viewable references within and around London. The poet clerked for Lloyd's Bank in the financial center of London known as the City from 1917 to 1922; by retracing his footsteps, we can examine the physical locations that inspired Eliot nearly a century ago. Nearly all historical references in this tour rely on the 1923 London Baedeker, kindly given me by Mark Storey. I deeply appreciate the support of Ron Schuchard, Georgia Shreeve, Wim Van-Mierlo, Claire Jenkins, Ron Bush, Ann Dumas, John Haffenden and Medb Sichko. In loving memory of Anna-Lisa Froman.for a full text of The Waste Land, click here:http://www.bartleby.com/201/1.htmlT.S. Eliot 1888-1965Green thumbtacks (8) are key locations on the tour mentioned in The Waste Land. Green bubbles (8) are other places to which the poem refers. Yellow bubbles tag other Eliot related London locations.


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