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Vancouver Consumer Proposal

Vancouver Consumer Proposal

Created by VancouverFarber on 01/02/2014
Updated on 01/02/2014
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In Vancouver, Burnaby BC we offer consumer proposal and bankruptcy services with experienced bankruptcy trustees. As licensed Trustees in Bankruptcy, we are available to assist you with your debt problems. A Consumer Proposal is an alternative for somebody who is not able to pay their financial obligations completely, however who does have the capability to pay a section of their financial obligations. It is successfully a lawfully binding agreement in between a specific and their lenders that will permit the person to considerably minimize their financial obligations and get rid of the interest. In Canada, a Consumer Proposal can just be submitted with an Administrator that is accredited by the Federal Government.

Address: 4720 Kingsway, Suite 2600, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5H 4N2, Canada

Phone : 888-888-9840

Business E-mail : questions@afarber.com

Website: http://www.vancouverconsumerproposal.com

services: bankruptcy, consumer proposal, personal bankruptcy, finance, Bankruptcies-Trustees, Credit & Debt Counselling Service, Insolvency Consultants

Work days: Mon - Sat: 8am to 6pm , Sun: Closed


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