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Violence Against Pro-Democracy Protests in Libya

Violence Against Pro-Democracy Protests in Libya

Created by sisco on 07/03/2011
Updated on 15/06/2012
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This map has been created by compiling reports from trusted accounts on Twitter. Nonetheless, these reports are in general unconfirmed. This information should be considered in the context of there being absolutely no independent media in Libya when I started. This map is not automatically produced. Each posting is considered before it is mapped. These considerations have evolved over time as conditions on the ground have changed. If you have any questions you can contact me via Twitter @Arasmus. You can also hear up-to-the-minute personal audio reports from people inside Libya by visiting: http://audioboo.fm/feb17voices Here is a discussion of lessons learned from this project: http://goo.gl/67SxE I hope it will be of some use to others thinking about similar projects. The URL for this map is blocked in Libya. Please embed this map elsewhere and tweet “#Libya Pro-Democracy Map [URL of your blog page with map] #feb17”


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