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The Westcombe Park Foraging Map

The Westcombe Park Foraging Map

Created by TweetMap on 24/05/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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About this map: 

This map is a way for the neighbourhood to share knowledge on the larder growing around us.We hope it will build into a resource created by local people. To add info, sign into a Gmail account and get cracking. Or email us details and we'll add them. Some guidelines:- Only pick where the food is abundant and only a small portion of it - leave lots for birds- Don't delete someone's entry if there's an error or something unsuitable, add your comments alongside theirs, or email us at transitionwestcombe@googlemail.com so we can look into it- Don't include food on someone's private land - that's stealing!- If it's on public-facing land in, say, communal gardens around a block of flats, let's include it but make clear this is the case. To forage there, ask at least one resident if they think it's a problem- Don't feel restricted to Westcombe Park if there's food not far away- Tell us what time of year your find is ripewww.transitionwestcombe.blogspot.com


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