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Where Have Sam & Dean Been? A Supernatural Autobiogeography

Where Have Sam & Dean Been? A Supernatural Autobiogeography

Created by TweetMap on 11/07/2012
Updated on 11/07/2012
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About this map: 

An autobiogeography is pretty much an autobiography plotted out on a map. So places of significance in a person's life, or places that a person is affectionate towards, are highlighted by a place marker.I'm doing an assignment on this for Uni and am really interested in doing a collaborative map - getting a whole bunch of people who share attachment and affection to an over-arching theme to help plot significant areas on a group map. What better object of affection than Supernatural!So I've started by plotting out places Sam & Dean have been on the show. But it's a SPN family map and as soon as you join in, it's also YOUR biography - you can plot on it anything you like, whether it's something you remember from the show, a place where you watched it, somewhere a convention was held, or anything else even remotely attached to Supernatural (just make sure to give a little explanation when you add a marker).Enjoy!


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